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Your safety is our most paramount concern. Please read the page on safety by clicking here.

We begin ground school on the Friday evening of the jump weekend at 1900 hrs in the FBO at Anderson Regional Airport in Anderson, SC. This first session of ground school will last at least two hours. We will begin the second session of ground school on Saturday morning starting at 0830 hours. If you have not jumped within the past 90 days, you should plan to attend ground school. We begin jumping at approx. 1200 hours on Saturday and continue until approx 1700 hours. We will pick up again at 0900 hours on Sunday and go through until completion.

Anderson Regional Airport is located at 5805 Airport Road. Anderson, SC 29626.
(Click here for directions and airport info) You should park in the parking lot and you will be escorted through security to the hanger.

Wear clothing that is comfortable. Wear ACU’s, ABU’s, MARPAT’s, or your country’s uniform. Be aware that your boots will take a beating. Whatever you decide to wear, make sure your clothing is comfortable and serviceable. Goggles, helmets and all other equipment will be provided.

You will have to stay at a hotel, La Quinta gives The Royal Lao Airborne a discounted rate of $49 per night plus tax and a free breakfast. However, Royal Lao Airborne staff MUST book this for you to get the discounted rate.

Other hotels, most are located around exit # 19 on I-85, include Holiday Inn (864) 226-1000, Super 8 (864) 225-8384, and Days Inn (864) 375-0375 and others. Surprisingly, we’ve found that the AAA Card offers a better price than Military discount or Government discount at most hotels.

On occasion, we have to postpone jumps due to things we can’t control. Some examples of these are rain, snow, and high winds. However, we have a 90% success rate in these areas and if we do have to postpone a jump, you will be notified.

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