LTG Khambang Sibounbeuang

Deputy Commanding General
MG Amos Hykes

  Chief of Staff
  COL Buford Compton

  Deputy Chief of Staff

Sergeant Major of the RLA
CSM Robert J. Dandrea

G – 1 Personnel & Administration
2LT Erica Prater

WO1 Saykorn Kannika

G – 2 Intelligence & Security
LTC Mike Maddox

G –  3 Operations
CPT Thomas Lee

G – 4 Logistics

G – 5 Civil Affairs

G – 6 Communications and Information
CSM Christopher L. McKeown
1LT Joe Markey

  Lao Training Liaison
  SGT Anthony Clark

  NCO Training Coordinator

   Physical Training Coordinator

Raider Detachment Command Staff 
COL Buford Compton, Commander
CSM Christopher L. McKeown, NCOIC

CPT Shannon Garner

Commandant of Schools
LTC Christopher Porter

   Weapons Instructor
  CPT Jason Ross


  LTC John Guffey
  LTC Allen McWhite
  CPT Viravouth Athakhanh

Director of International Operations
COL Cary Campbell

Drop Zone Operator
LTC Jim Burriss

Static-Line Instructors
CPT Sarah Mears
2LT Jonathan Sunde
2LT Brad McFarland
Ron Alley

Drop Zone Controller

MSG Jack Watkins

Ground Recovery Coordinator
1SG William Compton

Ground Recovery Specialist
SFC Bobby McInvaille

Robbie Burns

Battalion Command Staff
9th Battalion *Black Tigers* (Georgia)
MAJ  Houpheng Peng Sivichane, Commander
1SG Sally Manyvanh, NCOIC

3rd Battalion *Roughnecks* (South Carolina and North Carolina)
MAJ Steven Revis, Commander
CSM Christoper L *Hammer* McKeown, BN Sergeant Major

35th Mountain Operations Regiment (New York and Canada)
LTC R Andrew Tarmac McTaggart, Commander

1st Medical Battalion  (Texas)
LTC John Rumple, Commander
CSM Burton Graves, BN Sergeant Major

4th Battalion  (Illinois)

CSM Burton Graves, BN Sergeant Major

Unit Command Staff

1st Support Company (Chester S.C.)

SSG Ben Stanfield, 1SG

11th Airborne Infantry Company (Murrells Inlet S.C.)
1LT Joe Markey, Commander
SSG Johnathan Markey, 1SG

10th Black Eagle Company (Albermarie N.C.)
MAJ Thoum Nivanh, Commander

RLA Headquarters Company (Anderson, S.C.)
MAJ Wilton Mauldin, Commander




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