Join the Royal Lao Airborne

Join the Royal Lao Airborne today! Prior Military Service to include State Defense Forces are welcomed but is not necessary to join.

Thank you for your interest in the Royal Lao Airborne. You have taken the first step toward becoming a member of an elite military organization with a long and proud history. Because the Royal Lao Airborne is a elite force, there are a number of qualifications that all new personnel must meet. Some of these requirements are as follows:

• Seventeen (17 years of age with parent/guardian consent) or older.
• Meet basic medical condition criteria. (Cannot have a medical condition that could cause injury to oneself or others.)
• No record of Drug or Alcohol abuse.
• An Honorable or General discharge if you are prior active or reserve military service.
• A high school diploma or GED and other acquired skills to be enlisted or promoted past the grade of private.
• An Associates Degree and special skills that are required by the Royal Lao Airborne to receive an appointment to warrant officer or, if two years prior active service, to a commissioned officer.
• A Bachelors Degree to receive an appointment as a commissioned officer or have prior service as an officer.
• A clear police check with no felonious charges or excessive misdemeanors.

If you meet membership requirements, please complete the online application and you will receive further instructions or fill out the application below and return the application form and the “Required” documents listed below and also include any of the other qualifying documents that apply. You can send by email to Email:

Royal Lao Airborne Application (Required)
• Copy of birth certificate (Required)
• Copy of social security card (Required)
• Copy of drivers license or legal recognized ID (Required)
• Copy of high school diploma or GED
• Copy of DD214 or NGB 22 or discharge from Reserve (While prior Federal service is not required for membership, if individual has prior service these documents are required.)
• Copy of associates, bachelors, masters, or doctoral degree
• Copy of all pertinent civilian education documentation (e.g.: police or fire academy, EMT, etc.)
• Verification of ROTC
• Special training documentation (e.g.: FEMA, Red Cross, National Safety Council or other)
• Civilian licensed skills (e.g.: CDL, )

When the Royal Lao Airborne receives your completed packet, a recruiter will contact you to discuss your unit assignment and your rank.

Once again thank you for your interest and we look forward to having you as part of the Royal Lao Airborne. Should you have any questions, you may visit our website at or contact us below.

Contact us for more information on joining.

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