About Us

logochute3The Royal Lao Airborne has a long and amazing history that space doesn’t permit here even to begin to scratch the surface. The Royal Lao Airborne in the US was founded on September 3, 2001 From it’s beginnings in the 1950’s through today, the RLA has been, and will continue to be, a group of professionals who exhibit military bearing, hold true the core values and who put others before themselves.

All Airborne Certifications are signed by, His Majesty, the Royal Lao Crown Prince. Royal Lao Parachute Wings are also on the DOD list
of approved foreign awards. (FM 600-8-22, Appendix D, dated 18 OCT 2016.)

The mission of the Royal Lao Airborne is:

  • Preserve the fame and glory of the Royal Lao Airborne

  • Provide military training assistance to the US Armed Forces

  • Provide humanitarian aid to Lao refugees

  • Assist FEMA in disaster-related activities

It is also charged to maintain and strengthen the bonds of comradeship, which distinguish the members of the Royal Lao Airborne, to continue to develop the bond between current and past Airborne forces of the world, to provide for the gathering and dissemination of information concerning those members.

The Royal Lao Airborne is strictly non-political.



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